"I saw Piaf: the songs in Camberley tonight. After the many representations of Piaf I have seen, this was surely the best. I met Eve briefly after the show and she is a lovely lady. I cannot wait to see the show again."
Marti Thurbon
"The most magical evening taking me back to my youth listening to my Edith Piaf records. Eve Loiseau has an amazing stage presence with a beautiful natural voice. The whole evening was mesmerising. A delightful lady. Thank you so much. You made my year."
"A breathtaking performance that literally moved me to tears. Eve Loiseau has a stunning voice and her recreation of the personality of Edith Piaf while recounting just enough information from her short and troubled life was simply marvellous. The Astor Theatre in Deal was a perfect setting for this superbly atmospheric performance. Just wonderful, thank you."
"Just had a wonderful evening at Horsham Piaf the Songs was far better than I could ever have imagined 'Milord' was the icing on the cake Eve Loiseau has a beautiful voice and beautiful personality the musicians perfect. Merci beaucoup xx"
Seisa Kyle
"What a fantastic show it was at the Norwich Playhouse last night. Eve accompanied by Fiona and Murray put on a performance that was delightful to all who attended. To actually meet Eve at the end of the show and get a signed CD was the icing on the cake!! Thank you so much."
"Accompanied my parents once again to Eve's performance at the Atkinson in Southport. I didn't think it could get any better than at the Rose in Ormskirk, two years ago, but they were just as good.Eve and her musicians are fantastic and I feel this is a gross understatement of their talents. If you love Piaf this is as good as it gets. Eve,Fiona and Murray- Good Luck with the remainder of your tour." "
Pam, Joan and Brian
"Love the new website. Ev, we are so delighted that you are getting such great reviews and much deserved success."
"Ah, que c'est superbe, cette musique, ces artistes, et m'me ce site internet. J'attends avec impatience de vos performances dans le Nord-Ouest de l'Angleterre, peut-etre l'annee prochaine?"
Alan Lowe Jones
"very sorry to see there are no venues in the north of the uk this special year ! watched the show in HARROGATE last year - it was phenominal !"
Howard Mitchell
"c'est formidable un tel succes, bravo ma cousine, tu l'as bien m'rite xxxxx"
"We had a fantastic evening at the Swindon Arts Centre - thank you so much. Lovers for a day (the English version) can be found on you tube just search Edith Piaf lovers for a day, an absolutely fantastic song!!!"
Sharon Osborn
"absolutely loved the show. poignant and beautiful. will definitely see it again."
Patricia McCrory
"absolutely loved your performance last night at the Cambridge Summer Music Festival - trying to find a song that you sang last night, bit iffy on the lyrics - "Working everyday in this cheap cafe" - hauntingly beautiful song, can't find it anywhere - is it on the CD?"
"Your performance last night at the Spiegeltent was absolutely wonderful. A fantastic experience. We are now reliving the night by listening to your CD - which is incredible. We hope to see you all perform again some time. Best Wishes, "
" I feel so happy for you, with your lovely voice "
Audrey McGrath
"What a magnificent performance you gave us at Holders Season in Barbados. I was simply transported to Paris through the wonderful music and your amazing voice and dramatic delivery. Merci beaucoup. "
"Hi Ev Brilliant to get your Christmas card and letter. We'll definitely come to the Piaf - I note you're playing Poole in March so see you then! Would love to meet up while you're in the area. Love from x ...
"Eve, Fiona, Edward, Thank you so so much last night @ the Rose Theatre for sharing your exquisite and masterful insights into the life and music of Piaf ?. Your talents shone like jewels and for those of us privileged to be present, it was both bewitching and a joy for us all to behold. To the next time and the hope that our paths will cross again soon, ideally within a cabaret setting with lots of fine red wine flowing to evoke and stir the ambience your music and playing deserves! La paix et la prosp?rit? peuvent vous suivez - jusqu'? la prochaine fois".
"I brought my parents for Christmas to your show at the Rose last night. My father 82 and my mother 81 have always been huge Piaf fans. I equally love her music. I can honestly say it was possibly as close as it gets to witnessing Piaf play in the French music halls. The delivery was superb in every respect with the beautiful and haunting background presentation. Bravo to Eve and her superb musicians, and as my father said " for the best Christmas present ever"